C. A. S. Asset Co., Ltd. known as Sinsakhon Industrial Estate specializes in land development and has recognized the importance of commitment towards people and society ever since the Estate started in 2004.

   We believe that a genuine fresh start leads to strong foundation that brings fruitful prosperity to Sinsakhon as well as to the community around us. As we continue to grow substantially we are subject to the awareness on the importance of corporate governance due to the environmental effects and global warming. We have adopted various projects to enhance better living in the area including a large retention pond to prevent floods in the area, continue to plant trees and cleaning up canals to improve mangrove forests habitats and wildlife.

   The education program has also become one of the most important tasks in Sinsakhon, we constantly promote scholarships for students, renovate nearby school buildings, distributions of school uniforms and stationery.
   In the past 6 years, we are proud to say that Sinsakhon have been in harmony with nature and society in Samuthsakhon community. As our corporate slogan says, “Quality Life, Quality People and Quality Performance.”

Youth Education Program
  1. Students Scholarship
          - Further promoting education for students in Phatainorasingh and Bansandarb School by giving free scholarships for needed children. The program started in the
      beginning of 2006 and is still in operation today.


  2. Student uniforms and stationeries are given every year or whenever needed. Students thoroughly enjoys special lunch treat with snacks and toys       during Children’s Day.


  3. Renovation of School
          - Sinsakhon constantly repairs and renovate various schools in Samutsakhon.



  4. Sinsakhon takes important roles in hiring more teachers to teach in school since teachers are limited.

Develop of Rural Areas and to preserve the environment in Samutsakhon.
  1. Flood Prevention Project
          - Sinsakhon has created a 52 rais of lake with capacity of collecting 253,000 2mc. Vertical pumps has also been installed in order to prevent floods occurring in
       the perimeter of Samutsakhon.


  2. Physical fitness is vital in nowadays life
          - Sinsakhon started “ Football Match among Companies in the Estate so that staffs and employees can participate in sport activity. Thus creating unity among


  3. In order to reduce Global Warming
          - Sinsakhon has planted various trees in Industrial area as well as outside in order to increase green areas.