Infrastructure and Utilities
Tenure of Land :   Freehold
Road :   Main Road is 40 metres wide, with 6 lanes and weight tolerance of 26 tons
Electricity :   Provincial Electricity Authority's Power substation, with a capacity of producting 115 kv./22 kv.
Water :   Provincial Waterworks Authority, with the capacity of supplying 7 cu.m./day/rai of land
Solid Waste Disposal :   Hazardous & non - hazardous waste in handled by professional companies safely
Fire Prevention System :   Fire Hydrants located at every 75 metre interval. Fire engines, on standby round the clock
Security System :   Security guards on duty 24 hours
Flood Prevention :   Dike embankment system surround the perimeters with rain water drainage system
Waste Water treatment
:   Equipped with a highly efficient Activated Sludge System capable of treating 3,000 cubic metres of waste water per day
Telephone Access :   5,000 Telephone lines supports by the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT)
Internet Access :   High - Speed internet, IP phone and corporate convergence solutions by TRUE
Facilities :   A Medical clinic, Bank, shops, cafeteria and restaurants are currently being developed