Exclusive privileges, deluxe services, and absolute security
• A strategic location
   Sinsakhon is the closet of its kind to Bangkok only 30km from the central business district of Silom Road.
• Tax incentives from Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI)
• Speedy one-stop service from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)
• Convenient location
   Quick access to the new outer ring road (south) and the industrial outer ring bridge, which links to major highways and expressways to the new Suvarnbhumi
• Inclusive proximity
   A complete lifestyle with Central Public Park, Assumption College Rama II campus, Sarin City Home, Sailing Club, Best Ocean golf course, Sinsakhon Square and
   surrounded by an unspoiled wildlife habitat of natural mangrove forest and lakes.
• Complete infrastructure and utility system
   A complete and modern system of public utilities, capable of servicing the growing needs of the customers in Sinsakhon.