The key to the success of Sinsakhon Industrial estate

  • Strategic location

    Located close to city more than any Industrial estate by located away from
    the business center of Bangkok (Si Lom Road), just 30 kilometers.

    The location of the facility

    Due to can travel to the outer ring south road (Kanchanaphisek Road),
    Industrial Ring Bridge and the main motorway. And can be connected to
    the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and all other routes quickly and easily.

  • Many benefits

    Benefits of tax exemption, according to the Act on Investment Promotion
    Bureau of Thailand Board of Investment (BOI).

    The environment is perfect.

    Close to all your needs such as public parks, Sarin City Village,
    Sinsakhon Village Apartment, Sailing Club’s, Best Ocean Golf Course,
    Assumption College English Program (ACEP)

  • Accommodation for employees

    A range of accommodation is available within surrounding area of
    the industrial estate, rate start from 1,500 - 20,000 baht.